Gold + Silver + Copper Luxe Wrapping Paper Set: 4 Rolls (6 designs) of Premium Gift Wrap (75 sq. ft.) with 30 Coordinated Bows, 5 Ribbons, and 24 Gift Tags with Bonus Euro Tote and Tissue Paper

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(as of 07/07/2020 06:58 UTC - Details)
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The Gold + Copper + Silver Luxe wrapping paper set is a rich selection of 4 rolls of premium gift wrap with coordinated bows, ribbon, gift bag, tissue paper, and gift tags. This set uses matte gold and matte copper accented with matte and metallic silver, and a touch of snow white.

Our gift wrap rolls are 24″ wide. 3 rolls are 10 ft long, and the foil roll is 7.5 ft long. There is a total of 75 square feet of gift wrap, and they are printed on heavyweight paper here in the USA. Our gift wrapping sets are hand packed in the midwest to make sure everything is just right!

  • Comes with 2 rolls of 24" x 10 ft. of double sided gift wrap, 1 roll of 24" x 10ft. matte foil gift wrap, and 1 roll of 24" x 7.5 ft. embossed foil gift wrap.
  • Coordinated with 30 bows, 2 spools of ribbon (4 colors), 1 gift bag, 8 sheets of tissue paper, and 24 to/from tags.
  • Featuring 4 rolls of rich gift wrap in our signature polka dot box that doubles as storage for your leftover supplies.
  • Inspired by this year's trend of matte gold and matte copper accented with matte silver and a touch of snow white.
  • Proudly assembled in the USA with only the best materials.

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