Holiday Essence 4 Foot Green Artificial Christmas Tree – 300 Tips – with PVC Base – Unlit

Sale Price: $24.95
(as of 08/13/2020 03:00 UTC - Details)
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Your Christmas will never be the same again with this Majestic Premium Quality 4 Foot Christmas Tree!
Especially designed to capture the enchantment of a Holiday wonderland for your home.
This Tree is decked with warm Green needles that evoke cheerful images of family outings.
It will fill your home with an amber brightness, adding warmth and charm to your holiday backdrop.


  • Unlit Christmas Tree that looks just like the Real Thing
  • Stands up to 4 Feet Tall allowing Plenty of room for Decorating
  • Includes a Sturdy stand that prevents the Tree from Falling or Tipping
  • The Tree contains 300 Tips Allowing the tree to appear very natural and full

Everyone can enjoy this Artificial Pine Tree, even people who are allergic to real pines
can now have a Complete Christmas with this inexpensive Realistic looking Artificial Pine Tree.

Get this high quality Christmas Tree delivered to your door steps with just a click away!!

  • Unlit Artificial Pine Tree
  • Inexpensive alternative to real pine trees
  • 300 Tips with PVC Base
  • Great for people with allergies to real pine
  • Easy to Setup

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