Pakkin Christmas Ornaments Storage Box with Lid and 4 Adjustable Layers – Fits 64 Round Ornaments, 12 x 12 x 12–Inches, (Red)

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Pakkin Ornament Storage Box

The holidays are merrier with Pakkin. We’ve got products that will make storing your Christmas and holiday decorations just as enjoyable as setting them up.

Product Summary

The holiday season is meant to be jolly, but nothing will turn you into a Grinch faster than shattered, lost, and unorganized ornaments! With the Pakkin Ornament Storage Box in your arsenal of Christmas decor organizers, you’ll be merrier than Santa himself. You’ll save time, space, and money; bringing you holiday cheer year after year!


  • Nonwoven and heavy duty cardboard construction
  • 4 adjustable cardboard dividers
  • Stores up to 64 – 3 inch round ornaments
  • Lid closure
  • 2 handles
  • Clear card slot

Why “choose us”

Stop Crushing You’re Ornaments

Tired of unpacking last year’s ornaments just to find that they’re shattered or broken? That’s a problem of the past with this organizer. The organizer resists crushing, tearing, and puncturing, keeping your ornaments safe and ready for every season.

Customizable Dividers

Customizable dividers allow you to store ornaments of different shapes and sizes. Adjusting the dividers is easy! Simply reduce or add the dividers according to the size you need!

Minimal Space Maximum Storage

With a compact size of 12x12x12, this box’s small footprint takes up minimal space anywhere it’s stored. For further space saving storage, the boxes stack and can be collapsed flat! Feel free to store in the box in storage rooms, closets, garages, sheds and just about anywhere else.

  • Protect your precious ornaments from shattering and shield them from getting dirty the 11 months of the year that they're not in use with this Christmas Cardboard Storage box with Lid and Dividers.
  • This cube storage box comes with adjustable cardboard dividers to keep up to 64 ornaments safe and organized all year 'round.
  • With 4 levels of storage, each modular tray section in this square storage box can be removed and configured to hold a wide variety of ornament shapes and sizes.
  • Our ornament holder is made of high quality cardboard which ensures easy and safe storage, transport, and unpacking of your delicate decor items.
  • This Christmas ornament box also features heavy-duty, reinforced stitched seams and riveted handles, and a secure lid that is easy to open and close to keep bugs and debris out!

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