Premium Heavy Duty Ornament Fabric Storage Box With Deviders, 4 Removable Trays, Fits 64 Ornaments Balls, Red (1 Pack, Christmas)

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  • Protect your ornaments from shattering and shield them from getting dirty the 11 months of the year that they're not in use with this Christmas Cardboard Storage box with Lid and Dividers.
  • This 12" cube storage box comes with adjustable and removable cardboard dividers to keep up to 64 ornaments safe and organized all year 'round.
  • With 4 levels of storage, each modular tray section in this square storage box can be removed and configured to hold a wide variety of ornament shapes and sizes.
  • Our ornament holder is made of high quality cardboard which ensures easy and safe storage, transport, and unpacking of your delicate decor items.
  • This Christmas ornament box also features heavy-duty, reinforced stitched seams and riveted handles, and a secure lid that is easy to open and close to keep bugs and debris out!

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