Universal Tree of Life Ornament

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This is our Universal Tree of Life. We created it to represent the thoughts that all beliefs stem from the same roots of the desire for understanding of the unknown and the desire to connect to something greater than ourselves. The ornament features some of the the symbols of world religions as well as the atom symbol, which typically represents science. It measures approximately 4 inches in width and height and is hung from a black satin ribbon. It comes in a gift box with a small black card that is blank on the inside. (Your gift giving needs are all taken care of) The ornament itself is taped to a card that has a silver informational sticker on it that reads- Peace equals respect for diversity. True religion is real living; living with all of ones soul, with all ones goodness and righteousness. — Albert Einstein

  • Ornament is silver plated base metal.
  • The ornament measures approximately 4 inches in height and width.
  • It comes packaged with a small blank card- so your gift giving needs are all taken care of.
  • It comes on a black insert card with a quote regarding peace and diversity and religion from Albert Einstein
  • Makes a great gift for your diversity embracing friends.

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