Unused Vintage Christmas Card Boy Girl Pajama House Tree Doll Ornament Present

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Condition: Used
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Unused Vintage Christmas Card. Great Condition. ***Please note: 20 day handling time is to allow customers to shop and build toward FREE SHIPPING. Any and all items can ship sooner if you are ready to “check out”. Just let us know you are ready!*** Policy and info: Take a look at the photos and ask any questions you may have! Securely shipped from our home to yours! I discount bundle ship, so check out my other amazing items available now!!! 1st card = $2.75 / 2nd-9th card = $0.25 each / BUY 10 GET FREE SHIPPING!!! INTERESTED IN MULTIPLE ITEMS??? No problem! 1) Please let us know 2) Wait to pay until your last item ends. Payment due after 20 days of the end of your first purchase. Items can be held to accumulate for shipping discount. 3) Ask for a combined invoice when you are ready and we will bill based on total cards purchased. International shipping rates apply, bundle discounts still available on multi item purchases! Ask any questions you may have about international shipping.