nGenius Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Drawers for 27 Large Ornaments

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(as of 03/31/2020 12:03 UTC - Details)
Product Description
Product Features

This Christmas Ornament Storage Box can hold at least 27 large ornaments in separate compartments. For soft or small ornaments, this 13″x13″x13″ box with dividers can hold many, many more. The box sports a see-through window on top and best of all – each storage level is a separate drawer! The moderate size and sturdy nylon handles make it easy and convenient to carry.

  • Holds at least 27 large ornaments safely and securely in separate compartments
  • Convenient Drawers - each level is a separate drawer holding 9+ ornaments!
  • Adjustable cardboard dividers accomodate a variety of sizes
  • Sturdy carrying handles for easy lifting & storage
  • Rigid structure for light stacking of additional storage boxes

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